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Beauty Of Uganda: A Focus On Kampala



Kampala, the capital city of Uganda is located in the Central part of the country.

The city never sleeps, from a busy endless work day to an exceptionally exciting nightlife. Kampalans will welcome you and make you feel right at home with effortless hospitality. The city is filled with adventure, thrill and enthusiasm. From cars hooting, to boda bodas riding crazily across town, to long queues in traffic jam, Kampala is the cherry on the pearl in the Pearl of Africa.

Tighten your seat-belt, Lamudi takes you on a journey about living, working and simply being in the busy and ever eventful city of Kampala;

Fast growing business community

Uganda is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, and Kampala, the country’s business district does not leave a shadow of doubt about this fact. The town is blessed with a fast paced and ever growing business environment, a deep appreciation for change with a quick embrace of technology. There is plenty of room for foreign direct investors in the young economy with a favorable economic climate, hospitable locals and hardworking labor force.

There’s a high wave of young innovative entrepreneurs with a hunger to learn and a willingness to embrace new technology with a steady increase in online businesses, blogging, social media controlling and website development. Internet usage has also steadily increased.

Due to increased commercial activity in Kampala, there’s a high demand for quality housing for both residential and commercial purposes which has led to the establishment of structures such as the UAP Nakawa Business Park, the Nakawa-Naguru Project, the Mega City apartments in Mukono, which is a 45 minute drive from the city centre, Mirembe Villas, the Lubowa Housing Project in Entebbe and several others. The city – and the country at large – is experiencing a lot of construction activity and the real estate industry definitely has a bright future ahead.

Road usage

Another notable aspect of Kampala is the different means of transport available in the city. The motor bikes or as they are popularly known, ‘boda boda’ is one of the most convenient means of transportation and you will not go beyond a few meters in the city without citing a couple of them.These enable quick movement during traffic which is one of the city’s biggest challenges. Mini bus taxis are also popular means of transport in Kampala,these are affordable,convenient and easy to use.

Kampala is equipped with the Lugogo bypass in Lugogo, the northern bypass in the Northern parts of the city including Kisaasi, Bweyogerere, Bwaise, Kyebando and other areas. This has eased movement in some parts of the city. The Southern bypass is also presently under construction the connecting Entebbe to the Central Business District.


Ugandans are food lovers and lucky for them, the nation is gifted by nature with a variety of foods. Because Kampala is located in the Buganda region and, the city is endowed with plenteous banana plantations popularly known as ‘matooke’ which you will encounter in further parts of the city. This is the staple food of the Buganda from Central Uganda. Other local cuisines include eshaabwe from Western Uganda, luwombo from Buganda, Ataapa from Eastern Uganda and malakwang from Northern Uganda.

Another popular delicacy is known as ‘Rolex’. This is a mixture of an omelette and a chappati wrapped in one. You will find a number of rolex stalls lined up in several market places around the city especially in evening hours. The delicacy is mostly preferred by University students and bachelors as it is highly affordable and easy to prepare. The city also has a number of restaurants including Chinese, Indian and Italian restaurants.

Social life

The city is endowed with a rich and thrilling social life with an array of nightclubs lined up in different parts of the city. The musical experience is equally captivating with a blend of both local and international genres. Kampala is also endowed with a beautiful variation in arts and culture which a couple of festivals celebrating poetry, music and culture. There are a number of worship places in the city including Watoto Church, Christ the King, Kibuli mosque, The Bahai temple and several others. Uganda has a respect for all faiths and provides an opportunity for different religions to worship in freedom.

That said, Kampala is a city that will leave you looking forward to your next experience. The country has a young and promising future with abundant untapped resources and a warm, hospitable reception. Be sure to experience this great city when you are in Uganda.

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