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How to Drive Responsibly in Uganda



Responsible driving, means enjoying the drive on the trip but also leaving a positive impact on the road and also at the destination, wildlife and also the community. Driving responsibly in Uganda is among the ways to keep the destination safe and also awareness in community members is also emphasized. Uganda being a rich country in diversity. Useful measures should be put into place to keep everything for future generations.

Visitors hire cars in Uganda and drive responsibly to different destinations. The cars have to be in good conditions and also preferably 4×4 cars to enjoy the trip properly. Visitors decide to hire a car with driver or self-drive themselves to uncover the wonders the pearl of Africa can offer.

Ways How to Drive and Travel Responsibly in Uganda

– Avoid leaving garbage everywhere, it should be put at designated places like in garbage containers.

– When tracking primates, avoid leaving garbage, feeding animals, and plucking trees and leaves or anything from the forest.

– Avoid tracking primates when having communicable diseases.

– Avoid driving a car with bad fumes, polluting the environment.

– Drive responsibly in the national park, avoid speed in the game drive, animals have right of way,

– Following the park trails is the right way, avoid off track

– Follow the park guides or rangers’ guidelines, when driving or when at the park headquarters.

– Drive the car is good mechanical conditions, they should have good tyres, wheel spanner, Jack, and comprehensively insured.

– Avoid touching animals and coming so near beyond the required distance, for instance the Mountain gorillas or Chimpanzees.

– Engage in community activities, visit the neighboring locals and learn more about their life.

– You can support the local communities around destinations by purchasing some of the souvenirs in shops.

– Have an organized Itinerary to cover each and every destination in mind. This helps to programme properly and to avoid rushing to other place trying to cover up activities.

– For camping safaris, it is proper to buy local food in the markets to support local communities.

– Visitors with camping tents or car with rooftop tents, should camp at designated places or at accommodations. Avoid camping in protected areas.

– Engage in supportive programmes at different destinations. For instance, at Uganda wildlife Education center, you can sponsor animals by buying food and what is necessary for animals to stay well.

– Avoid making noise in the protected areas. Keep silent you will see more sightings

– Avoid polluting activities which many leave damage to nature

– Wear good walking shoes and also rainy jackets and other necessary equipment.

– Try to keep cultural norms wherever you travel to

– Visitors can engage more in cycling or walking safaris

– Park the car at designated places. Those places are always available at accommodation facilities or lodges.

– Book Eco -friendly and environmentally sustainable accommodation facilities.

– Visitors can try to use re-usable containers and also try to drive with some Eco bags.

– Engage in Eco tourism activities like bird watching, Hiking, nature walks and many more.

What Makes a Suitable Car for Travel

– A suitable car for travel should have good braking system

– The car should be serviced properly and service tags available

– The car should have Tyres and preferably 4×4 car most especially when going for longer trips up country

– The car should have seat belts and working properly.

– In case the visitor hires car and driver, he should be well knowledgeable about driving and also with updated driving license

– The car should have necessary licenses, for instance Comprehensive insurance, third party etc.

– The car should not exceed capacity of number of visitors. Incase that’s the required car and the number of people exceeds the capacity, more than 1 car should be hired. Or there is also an option of choosing another type of car.

– The car should have Spare Tyre, Jack, wheel spanner and etc. These helps in case of Emergencies.

-The car indicators, lights, windows, pop up in case the car have any and others should be working and in proper conditions.

– Travelling with navigation system on the safari is paramount, this may be GPS garget, maps, and many more.

For camping safaris, always check the camping gear whether they are complete and for self-drive clients, make sure you have knowledge of pitching the tent or mounting the rooftop tent on the car.

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