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Must Have Tools For Every Home



Everyone has them: tools. Usually they’re bought in a haphazard manner when that faucet starts leaking, that picture needs hanging, the kids need a toy assembled, or that light fixture if falling off the wall. But, there’s a better way. If you want to avoid running to the market each time you discover you find you need a new tool follow this guide to have the perfect toolkit on standby.

Toolbox: Where are those pesky tools? On a shelf in the closet? Under the sink? If you can’t find the tool it’s not going to be much help. Instead, buy a big plastic or metal box and keep all your tools in it.

Duct Tape: This is the heavy-duty grey tape that can cover over a multitude of sins. Use it to hold almost anything together or in place.

WD-40: This is a name brand lubricant that can be bought in generic versions more cheaply. However, it’s good for loosening rusted parts and stopping that door from squeaking.

Flashlight: A small flashlight kept with the toolbox will prove incredibly handy when you need to find that leak, crawl under the porch, peer into the rafters, or investigate a drain clog.

Hammer: A hammer can be used for more than pounding nails. Use it to remove nails and screws or break ice. Make sure it’s good quality so the head doesn’t fly off at inopportune moments!

Screwdrivers: You should have two types of screwdrivers but might want to consider buying a whole range of sizes of each depending on your budget. The first is a flathead and the second is a Philips. Flat headed screwdrivers are just that and Philips are the ones with the cross heads.

Tape Measure: Buy one that is long enough to measure a room and has a locking mechanism so you can measure things beyond your arms reach.

Utility Knife: How often have you dulled your kitchen knives and household scissors trying to cut something that requires a more heavy duty knife? Buy one of these and make sure to buy some replacement blades.

Small Level: If, at any time, you’re going to hang something on the wall, or build anything – buy a level. There’s nothing worse than realizing your pictures are crooked or that brick fire pit you spent the weekend building is on an angle.

Crescent Wrenches: These little helpers are great for loosening nuts off bolts or wrestling loose other types of fasteners. You probably want one big and one small tool.

Pliers: You’ll want to have two types of pliers. The first is the combination pliers which are your standard pliers which helps you hang on to and turn objects. You can also find versions of these that grip or lock onto things. The second is the needle-nose pliers which have a narrow head so you can easily grip items in difficult places.

Handsaw: A small handsaw comes in handy for projects where a utility knife just isn’t enough. No need to go crazy though – the smallest you can find will probably do.

Drill: While it might seem that a drill would be absolutely crucial these are expensive and if your project requires a drill you might want to consider bringing in a professional!

If your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband or wife doesn’t have a toolkit it’s also a great – although not terribly romantic – gift. All of these tools can be found easily in the markets or, if you want to one-stop-shop, at Nakumatt or Game.

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