With one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, Uganda has much of which to be proud. However, it continues to face the challenges and dilemmas of a developing nation. A country of geographic contrasts from tropical Lake Victoria to the famed Mountains of the Moon. Uganda is also home to more than 30 distinct ethnic groups. Its tumultuous history and promising future make Uganda an ideal setting in which to study current cultural, political, and social realities.

From your base in Kampala, Uganda’s thriving capital, you examine issues of social and economic development, working closely with faculty and students from Makerere University. Through an in-depth, hands-on practicum with one of the country’s many international or grassroots develop-ment agencies, you deepen your understanding of the practice of development work. Field visits to rural areas help you understand what lies beyond the rhetoric of the development industry as you explore the diverse strengths and needs of this changing nation.

The Ministry of Health is a Ministry of government responsible for one of the important sectors that takes care of promoting a healthy and productive life for the population in Uganda. It aims at having the highest possible level of health services to all people in Uganda. This is approached by overseeing health service delivery, promotion and prevention, curative, palliative and rehabilitative services at all levels. The Ministry engages in the monitoring and provision of clinical support functions, regulatory functions and research activities related to health.

This Ministry works with specialized health service bodies like: Uganda Blood Transfusion Service (UBTS), National Medical Stores and National Public Health Laboratories, National Drug Authority, Uganda National Health Research Organization (UNHRO).

This section present publications on health, food Security and Nutrition indicators from various survey reports. UBOS provides health data from various sources. These sources include the Population and Housing Census, the Household surveys, the Demographic Health surveys and any other health related survey or information provider.

Information on Health is in different categories namely: child mortality, child health, maternal mortality, nutrition, fertility, family planning, household, violence and gender to name but a few.

Over 1 million people are infected with HIV in Uganda. Aids has reduced life expectancy below 46 years and the deaths have created three million orphans. (More…)

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