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Top 7 Cars Ideal for Business Travel in Uganda



Are you planning a business road trip in Uganda and looking for the best car that reflects your status, yet not require breaking the bank? One of the things to consider when renting an ideal car for business road trips is getting the right set of wheels. You might probably wish to make a nice impression with prospects, bespeak your status or conduct some sort of horse-power filled happiness into your time away from home, then it will be determined by the drive you choose.

With a fleet of SUVs, Sports Cars, Sedans, Convertibles and Safari Vans to rent, we have listed the top 7 Rental Cars that are ideal for Business Road Trips in Uganda and they include;

The Luxurious Mercedes Benz

Do you wish to delight on the open-topped downtime as well as the guarantee of a stupendous German Marque, yet without all that “please look at me” attention persuasion of the Lamborghini and Ferrari? Then you should consider renting the Mercedes Benz for your Business Road Trip in Uganda. If you wish to travel light and fast to your business meeting or workplace while having fun or considering style as well as class, still this is the best car for you.

The jaw-dropping exterior together with the Royal-like interior makes the Mercedes Benz models one of the best business Rental Cars in this country. Surprisingly, they come in different models hence offering a wide range of choices for you and these include E-class, C-class, S-class or G-class. 

The Jaguar F-PACE

Another amazing Rental car that is ideal for Business Road Trips in Uganda is the luxurious Jaguar F-Pace, an SUV Model that allows you to comfortably get behind the wheel of one of the crème de la crème of “New Generation Cars”. If you ever think of enjoying the 4WD Comfort as well as space that is built on classic racing endowment, this is your best choice to go with.

Toyota Rav4

Most Business Trips in Uganda favor the Toyota-made compact SUV (Rav 4), owing to the fact that it is a multi-purpose 4WD Vehicle that suits both on-road and off-road drives. Additionally, its amazing size as well as Body style makes it one of the top 7 Rental Cars that are ideal for business Road Trips in the country. Not only that, it is very affordable because for as low as $40 per day, you can get this Car.

The Range Rover Hybrid

Class, multi-talented and reliable are the three words that can be used to describe the Range Rover Hybrid and is one of the top Rental Cars for business Road Trips in the country. What makes them even more exciting is the fact that they are more comfortable as well as thrilling to drive than most S-Class cars that most travellers are familiar with.

Toyota Premio

The Toyota Premio is tasteful-looking Saloon Vehicle for renting in Uganda. This 3-box body designed vehicle featuring ample space for your luggage in the trunk as well as vast legroom. This Vehicle has a carrying capacity of 5 passengers who are assured of relishing Air-Conditioning while economizing fuel which in the long run saves some money during the business road trip in Uganda.

The Super Custom

Are you planning a group business meeting or trip with five or six other of your colleagues while in Uganda? Then the Toyota Hiace van is the ideal one for you  because it is capable of accommodating between 6 and 7 passengers. Additionally, this 4WD minivan is capable of handling all kinds of terrains in addition to featuring Air-Conditioning, a sunroof and convertible seats for comfort during your business road trip.

Also, the changeable space as well as ample legroom in the Super Custom offers business travelers an opportunity to do their work freely while being driven to the work place.

Land cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser is another wonderful 4WD Wagon made by Toyota motors, with jaw-dropping exterior together with comfy interior as well as sizeable Cargo Space in the boot thus making it an amazing option for Business Road Trips in Uganda. Also, this Car can be used within the Capital as well as the remote areas of the country, aided by its 4X4 mechanism. Someone who arrives a business meeting or work place in a Land Cruiser Prado is seen as classic, stylish and elegant.

The Safari Land cruiser

The 4WD Safari Land Cruiser is a renowned Station Wagon designed for long-distance Business road trips and can maneuver through the toughest as well as steepest of terrains. If your business meeting or Conference is based with an extremely remote area in Uganda, the ideal Rental Car for you is the Safari Land cruiser. It can accommodate up to seven passengers who are offered pop-up roof, cooler box to keep your refreshments and other outstanding amenities.

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