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8 Signs you are Addicted to Traveling



Do you spend most of your life traveling? For some people, travel is what makes the world go round, and it means everything to them. Traveling is something that everyone should be able to do. Seeing the world can teach you so many things, and provide you with some amazing memories.

Some people are totally addicted to traveling, and couldn’t imagine their life without being able to travel. At what point do you become addicted to travel? It’s less of an addiction and more of a way of life for some people. Many people prefer to be nomadic, and don’t like to spend too much time in one place. There’s certainly nothing wrong with having an addiction to travel. Here are 8 signs you are probably completely addicted to traveling.

  1. You don’t have a bucket list, because you want to go everywhere
    Everyone has a bucket list, travel addicts don’t necessarily need one because they want to go everywhere. You might have a list of experiences you want to try, which is a big part of travelling. Those who are truly addicted to travel don’t want to go to a few specific places, they have an urge to explore every inch of our planet.
  2. You save all your money and put it towards your travelling fund
    You don’t spend money on designer clothes, jewellery or expensive nights out. All your spare pennies go towards your all important travelling fund. You don’t care about material things because you favour the moments you get from travelling instead. You have been saving for years and wish you could win the lottery to fund your travel addiction.
  3. As soon as you return from a trip you want to go on another adventure
    As soon as you get back from a travel expedition, you begin planning where you want to go next. In fact, while you were away travelling you were thinking about where you might want to go next. Basically you never stop planning your travels and are always thinking about where your next trip might lead you.
  4. You are an expert packer
    You have travelled so many times that you are practically a professional packer. You can pack for a trip in a few minutes and have everything you need. You know exactly what pro travellers need to survive any trip. You never bother to unpacking because you hardly spend any time at home, and before you know it it’s time for your next trip. You can also squeeze everything you need into a tiny amount of hand luggage.
  5. When not travelling, you spend most of your time reading travel blogs
    You never get any actual work done because you spend the majority of your time endlessly scrolling through travel blogs and websites. You love reading about other people’s travels and getting the best tips on where to go and what to do.
  6. You always have different currencies in your wallet/purse
    You keep finding all sorts of different currencies in your wallet or purse. You have been to so many different countries that you could start an international coin collection. You always keep your change to use on your next trip.
  7. You can’t imagine staying in one place your whole life
    You were born to travel. Staying in one place doesn’t make any sense to you, and you can’t understand why some people live all their lives in the same town. The world is made to be explored.
  8. You can say ‘hello’ in 20 different languages
    You like to be polite whilst spending time with people around the world, so you always make sure you learn some basic words. Therefore, you can probably say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in many different languages.

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