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Supreme Adventures Await You at Lake Bunyonyi



What’s in your bucket list for travels and adventure for the remaining half of the year? If you’re still in wonderland or out of choices, here is a good deal- finding a hidden treasure in the Pearl of Africa. The Magnificent Lake Bunyonyi is one of the underrated attractions of Uganda that is yet getting more prominent to both domestic and foreign tourists. This beautiful destination that has been dubbed the “Switzerland of Africa” is located in Kabale District within the Kigezi Region.

Most foreign travelers praise Lake Bunyonyi as one of the most beautiful places for leisurely holidays in Africa. Surprising, there is a growing number of tourists who prefer to refresh from Lake Bunyonyi after their gorilla treks in the nearby Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Did you know that you can even spend a night at Lake Bunyonyi and drive to the Ruhija Sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and visit the gorillas the same day? If you would like to do something like that, just get in touch with me for a great possible adventure!

There are lots of developments at Lake Bunyonyi and today lets look at the hidden treasure of the Surpreme Adventure Park, a great development for adrenaline seekers! The surpreme Adventure Park invites you to embrance your experience.

7 Reasons am inviting you to “Supreme Adventure Park – Bunyonyi”

Supreme Adventure Park is truly Uganda’s hidden treasure. Just a few minutes’ drive from Kabale town and it’s the closest Island of all the Island’s on the Magnificent Lake Bunyonyi.

Honestly, it’s the most beautiful scenery Uganda is blessed with- just wondering through this eco-friendly attraction of trees, crystal clear water, and bird watching is worth an enjoyable experience to have at affordable Dollar, Shilling rates. Lovely accommodation and food. Highly Professional, friendly and knowledgeable Staff.

High Ropes Course

Best times in the trees. You get to challenge yourself and it is so gratifying. Climbers wear harnesses, doubly secured to safety cables and wedges throughout their time in the trees.

The trees are connected by various configurations of cable, wood, car tyres and ropes to form bridges and challenges/platforms.

Climbers are oriented before taking on any course making it perfect for self –discovery. It’s a very hands on experience because you have to maneuver yourself through the obstacles while being securely harness in. The instructors are patient, supportive and encouraging. So much fun you can’t afford to miss.

Zip-line Cable Crossing

Absolutely awesome! The zip-line will definitely give you an enormous adrenaline rush. First time Zip-liners, be bold-brave-excited and ready to glide across one of the deepest lakes in Africa.

Moreover you can challenge yourself to overcome your fears and exceed your limits by taking an upside down selfie. The staff offers safety talks and demonstration so you’re comfortable with how to clip on the safety wires. Take a deep breath and have fun.


Canoeing is probably the best way to explore and appreciate the beauty of all the islands on the magnificent Lake Bunyonyi. A great combination of canoeing, scenery and natural wonders on this often less crowded natural resource amounts to an enjoyable canoe trip and many find it to be quite environmentally educational as well.

There are cheap dugout canoes stationed at the shore owned by the locals. The local guides takes you around; impressively narrating the legends surrounding the islands.

 You can also hire a dugout and take an adventurous ride by yourself. What a wonderful way to enjoy an afternoon, weekend or entire vacation/honeymoon.

Cabin House

Here is the most beautifully crafted cabins-tree houses around Lake Bunyonyi. Very ideal and exclusive with an 18th Century feel and locally designed-Vintage décor, firmly constructed wooden masterpiece.

Enjoy the cabin hood at its best, perfect place to read, reflect, for honeymoon with super quiet private compounds and super-hot showers which makes you forget the cold outside.

Bird Watching

Lake Bunyonyi itself means “a paradise of many birds of both local and international bird species”. Impressive bird lists includes; African Harrier Hawk, grey crowned cranes, the carnival woodpecker, Herons, weaver birds and egrets among many others. Come discover more.

Sitting at the lake banks relaxed or taking nature walks is one of the ways you are able to view the birds over the trees and in the sky. Local bird guides are so friendly and knowledgeable of all the bird species around all the Islands. What a fulfilling moment you don’t need to miss.


Lake Bunyonyi should be considered one of the natural wonders of the world. Crystal clear, clean waters. If you set your foot and eyes on it, it definitely joins the top ranks of your most treasured travel destinations.

Moreover, Lake Bunyonyi is free of bilharzia, dangerous wildlife like hippos and crocodiles making its waters safe for swimming. The only warning for visitors is the depth — inexperienced swimmers should take caution.

Visiting Key Sites

This could be the best way to windup your trip. Group visits to cultural sites like the Bakora cave, the Batwa (Pygmies) and the Abahees (traditional black smiths) communities.

The Pygmy communities is one of the most interesting with their rare short sizes. They are friendly and very entertaining with rich cultures and traditional dances and very interesting traditional songs.

“If you really want to overcome your fears and have fun, see you at Supreme Adventure park-Lake Bunyonyi”.

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