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Renting a Car for Family Trips in Uganda



It’s possible to go on a vacation with your family. In case you need privacy with your family in the car, rent a car and then self-drive to different destinations.  You must be having a driving license if you are to rent a car for self-drive in Uganda. With your family, you can visit Lake Mburo national park, Murchison falls national park, Sipi falls, Queen Elizabeth national park and etc.

We have cars that can fit even bigger family groups, no need to worry if you have many people, we have Toyota Omni Bus, Toyota Super Custom, they are 4×4 and go in national parks.

Some activities like game drives, it’s fine to go with children, nature walks, cultural experiences and etc. But there are activities where age matters. For instance gorilla tracking and chimpanzees. A child should be at least 15 years and above.

Enjoy Christmas holidays, Easter holidays with your family on self-drive. In case you can’t drive, you can hire a driver to drive your family. Do not mind if you have kids, you go on safari with them. Some national parks have children activities.

Visit Jinja on self-drive and do activities like Boat cruise to the source of the Nile, Nature walks in Mabira, Zip lining, Sezibwa falls. Accommodation in Jinja include, Haven, Mabira forest Lodge, and many more.

Other places to Visit include sipi falls, in Kapchorwa, Mbale around Elgon, Nyero paintings, Moroto, and etc. Places for Accommodation include, Mable Resort, Sipi river lodge and many more. With the above destinations you can do activities like Mountaineering, nature walks, and cultural visits

When self-driving, mind about speed limits and other posters on the road. If you are caught over speeding or violating any other traffic rules, you will be penalized. Drive carefully and always manage time to visit your places on the Itinerary.

It’s possible to go with rooftop tent and your family, we have family roof top or ground tents that can fit you with your family, with Destinations, there are places where you can park safely and pitch your tent.

You can purchase food staff and other small things you prefer from super markets, markets, along the roads or on centers. Our camping trip came with camping gear, no need to worry about gas, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, table and chairs.

Take time to prepare for your trip and pack important things like hiking shoes, long sleeves clothes, shorts sleeved, shorts, long pants, socks, glasses, jackets, rain coat, jumpers, sweaters, easy shoes etc.

Uganda is a beautiful country and has many attractions, if you find anything interesting on the way; you can stop and have a view. Ugandans are welcoming people and friendly. There is good food, good lodges and hotels and also many other things, just inquire about what you want and all will be answered.

Staring from Entebbe, there are many attractions to visit like Ngamba Island, Mabamba wetland, Botanical gardens, beaches, landing sites like kasenyi, Uganda wild life Education centre and etc.

When heading to western Uganda, do not forget to have a stopover at equator kayabwe and see this unique thing in Uganda. There are restaurants you can have something to eat there or coffee.

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