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15 Ways to Cope with Your Youthful life in Extended Families



Extended family refer to a group of individuals associated by birth, marriage or close friendship who nurture and support one another.

I have shared with a number young teenagers crying about the way they feel and i have zealed to say there are 15 mature ways of moving on with your life while in an extended family without you dieing softly inside !!!!! In such families you meet all sorts of people that is those malicious,good & bad hearted,true,pretenders and all other characters thats no reason to curse why your groomed there.With these ways am sure you can walk out at the right time smiling.

  • Don’t partake in gossiping yourself. This gives you more credibility. If someone is bold enough to make up a gossip about you then they probably do it to others as well, which means they will eventually lose credibility. Don’t say “Well she………” say something like “Those things aren’t true, but I’ll let you make up your own mind about so-and-so.”
  • Go to the source of the problem and find out who created the rumour and spread it. Make sure you are totally calm before you do it. Ask why the person spread the rumour. While one person may appear to be the source, they aren’t always. A lot of rumors start from one miscommunication that turns into a much more bigger problem.
  • Live your life so that people will know the rumour is not true. Rumours are a form of social bullying and it is important that you don’t let the bullying affect your life.
  • Be polite to the person who spread the rumour to show that you are the better person. Even if you hate their guts don’t give them the satisfaction of thinking that it affects you.
  • Deny the rumor’s truth to anyone who asks. If you go out of your way to defend yourself it will seem as though you have something to hide.
  • .Go to a higher authority (your grandparents,aunts,uncles,parents, or whoever) if you feel threatened. Ask to stay anonymous and report the trouble that you’re having with this person. If the authority that you contacted doesn’t pay any attention to your report go to a higher authority and so on.
  • Make friends with some of the spreader’s friends. This will help you win the battle.
  • Forgive, but don’t forget. After you win, the spreader will probably want to be your friend. Refuse the offer, even if you don’t want to, so that people won’t want to mess with you.
  • Continue to live your life as if nothing ever happened.
  • Don’t tell everyone everything about your personal life and your personal business. Remember be extra careful who you confide in, as not everyone keeps information to themselves and plus you never know who might be hearing and looking. Try to keep a low profile. If in doubt check with someone you trust e.g. Parents, boss, trusted friend, relative.
  • Don’t show the gossipmongers that you are angry, defensive or upset, it can give them the morsels that you have something to hide. The best way is to be calm, honest and but concise.
  • NEVER tell them to mind their own business. They might think you have something to hide, you are being rude or they can get sarcastic or angry with you and say ‘It is my business’ and they can spread it to others and they might press you for information even more.
  • Be confident. Even if you are not a confident person, you can always try to be one. Ooze confidence out of yourself, even in tricky situations. The key to being confident is knowing your assets, polishing them, and showing them off to the world, but remember to also be humble!
  • Don’t break down. Even if you have had the worst day imaginable, and you really can’t handle them, stick at it, keep cool because you know you are invincible!
  • If malicious gossip, rumour spreading and lies become severe enough, not only are they forms of bullying, they can also become Human Related thus causing quiet diseases like heartattacks,strokes,brain trama and the like I hope you know how discomfort hrams the brain ,body ,mind and soul.

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