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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Uganda, the Pearl of Africa



Uganda is one of the best safari destinations in Africa. This green country is a must visit for travelers interested in gorilla trekking in East and Central Africa. Here are 5 reasons why Uganda should be among your “must visit” destinations this year.

1. White water Rafting on the Nile in Uganda

In 2012 we saw celebrations of tourism in Uganda. Indeed that year can best be described as the year of success for Uganda tourism industry as different accolades kept coming its way. Just before the end of the year, we crowned the year up with one of the accolades which positioned Uganda as one of the top countries to visit this 2013 as decorated by Lonely Planet’s travel online magazine.

Uganda, being one of Lonely Planet’s top must see country for 2013, is truly a highlight of the African landscape. With its dense misty impenetrable forests, snow capped Rwenzoris, glassy lakes as well as crater and expansive savannah grassland, no wonder Winston Churchill dubbed Uganda as the ‘pearl of Africa’. While Uganda’s endangered mountain gorillas whose numbers also rose to over 480 in Bwindi impenetrable national park are the appeals for various guests that come on a Uganda gorilla trekking and wildlife adventure safari, a short Uganda safari to the mighty Murchison falls or any of the many Uganda safaris. There are uncountable attractions for tourists which not only include wildlife but unique cultural attractions plus the lovely loving Uganda people.

Having survived the shadows of a deep dark past under former president Idi Amin and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), Uganda is no longer a country to be feared and is regarded as one of Africa’s safest destinations. Whether one wants wildlife safaris, trekking volcanoes, white-water rafting or just kicking back on the beach, there is a lot to enjoy while on holiday. Here are four unmissable Uganda safari experiences and where you can find them:

2. Gorilla tracking experience;

This is the highlight of Uganda safari experiences if not Africa as tracking mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga national Park set you up for the first sight at the shy black mount gorillas amidst the thick foliage. The adrenaline kicks in when you’re adjacent to the imposing figure of a huge Silverback and it’s all very imposing nature alongside its curious babies peeking through leaves as they twist, turn and somersault for your amusement. Like many tourists that have visited these gentle giants have said, ‘ this is a not just life time Uganda safari rather the ultimate world safari’

A Gorilla trek permit for US$600 but don’t think twice about turning down this genuine once-in a lifetime opportunity. Please do remember that a portion of the fee goes back to the park and gorilla conservation initiatives, helping to ensure their survival as they are endangered species.

3. Great Wildlife, minus the crowds

While Uganda’s national parks lack the recognition like the big name neighbors like Serengeti and Kruger Park, Uganda’s national parks boasts of all the animals, minus the crowds. Murchison Falls national is Uganda’s largest park where you can follow up your morning wildlife drive with a boat cruise on the Nile to the base of the falls the making this the perfect way to spy on elephants, buffalo, crocodiles and loads of hippos as they go about their days activities in the park  while you relax with a cool beer on the boat.

Head to Queen Elizabeth for a better chance to spot the elusive leopards or even its trademark tree-climbing lions. Just countable tourists make it to the far north to Kidepo Valley’s national park, but those who do so are truly rewarded with not only the best selection of wildlife, and some of the most spectacular scenery of Uganda. And if you are interested in visiting the Big Five, add Ziwa Sanctuary to your itinerary to get up close to the white rhino, which you track on foot.

4. Adventure by the romantic waters of Uganda

Truly Uganda is a must visit place this 2013 and its not only about the wild life experience you’re yet to experience but make it a point to visit the source of the Nile once on your Uganda safari because it is the magnet for white-water rafting adventure lovers where you can plunge down Grade-5 rapids or otherwise kayak or try the white-knuckle jet boat ride as witnessed by all travelers who have visited this spot on their Uganda safaris.

Those who prefer a different kind of water excitement can go for bungee jumping by Bujagali Falls. Trekkers can test their endurance tackling the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Rwenzori Mountains, which is famously described as the ‘mountains of the Moon’ with stunning views of the equatorial mist as your reward at the top. For more treks to make your safari to Uganda more exciting, try Mount Elgon National Park or the dramatic Virunga volcanoes found at the borders of Uganda, Congo and Rwanda where they converge like some tourists on several Uganda safaris have done.

5. Unique eye scenery to die for

Once your Uganda safari addiction wanes and your body needs some r&r from those bone-jarring bus journeys, Uganda has some beautiful spots for resting up. Magical Lake Bunyonyi has magnificent views where the mist hangs low over terraced hillsides and dugout canoes glide through the still waters allowing you to relax in a calm environment.

Ssese Islands which is found in the oceanic sized Lake Victoria is where you’ll find some of the finest white sand beaches and burning sunsets the kind of place you’ll want to seek out a hammock and bring a good book. Then there is stunning Siipi Falls in eastern Uganda, which is earning a reputation from its uninhibited views of the crashing falls.

To crown up your safari to Uganda make it a point to go for the coffee tours, where you’ll be shown the end-to-end process at a local coffee plantation, culminating with a delicious steaming cuppa while watching the sun set over banana plantations.

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