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And Here Are The True Heroes Of Uganda



It is only right and just that credit is given where it is due. In as much as this always divides opinion, we all should just learn to give plaudits and recognise a gallant citizen who did something that changed the way history of this country has been written.

Last Tuesday, Uganda descended upon Kiboga to celebrate the Ugandans who have gone out of their way to leave an indelible mark on the treacherous path of this country.

Whilst the focus of the nation was on what transpired at the national celebrations in Kiboga, many a Ugandan with access to social media made their choices known of who their true heroes are. Well done I should say.

It is good y’all did recognise the important role played by others in your lives. However, other than close family and friends as well as a few acquaintances, allow me recognise Ugandans who have been responsible the path Uganda has taken.

Firstly, let us all recognise anyone who went out of their way to serve this country and as such, created room for the idea of Heroes’ day to be declared.

I’m taking my hat off for you not so much for your gallantry but so much for your ingenuity to the extent that your fellow countrymen (and women) now have a designated public holiday each year to kick their shoes off and just cool off.

You’re our heroes because if nobody was going an extra mile to serve this nation maybe we wouldn’t have that much needed public holiday. So plaudits go to those past and presently taking long strides. You’re heroes because you make it possible for us to have an extra day away from work.

Second in line are Ugandans who have coined their own language but that language has not stopped at their lips, it has transcended demographic boundaries.

I’m talking about street language that has more or less been adopted across the country nevermind that its birthplace is sometimes not known.

For instance, if you were tasked to identify the brainchild behind the “Government etuyambe” (loosely translated, the government should hastily come to our aid) public outcry you may grow gray hair tracing the genius who said it first.

Don’t you think that fellow needs plaudits for giving his/her fellow countrymen a universally acceptable call for help from the government. Mind you it is as original as they come.

Rather than making that SOS call, all we do now is call on the government in a language it surely understands.

Please raise your glasses for the Ugandans that have coined a new language for the rest of us. They’re true heroes.

It is only when one comes to Uganda that he/she gets to eat a Rolex. You do not have a right (opportunity) to eat a Rolex anywhere else in the world other than in Uganda.

You only wear it on your wrist. The best bit about the Rolex from Uganda is its cost. It is only in Uganda where a Rolex comes on the cheap. Go anywhere on this planet and it will cost thousands of dollars.

Come down to Uganda and you will fork out between 1500 and 10000 shillings for a Rolex. That depends on where you purchase it from but still that’s way cheaper than the cost on the international market.

If you my reader are not Ugandan, in Uganda a Rolex is not a wristwatch but a delicacy. Come hither if you want to confirm. For you my fellow Ugandan, have you considered naming a road in one of Uganda’s popular towns after the genius behind this delicacy.

If you do not consider a Rolex such an important invention try considering how many Ugandans have a Rolex for supper especially university students. Why then shouldn’t we toast to the brain behind the edible Rolex for he/she saved many a soul from going to bed on an empty stomach.

I shall not give out all heroes’ medals today. If I do, we may not have a Heroes’ day come next year. Let me recognise one more breed of heroes and we call it a day.

Whenever the president gets chance, he reminds us of how far Uganda has come in as far as literacy goes since 1986. But truth be told, Uganda still has a long way to go.

Because you my dear reader can read and write doesn’t mean others can, let alone understand English.

That is why I ask you to give plaudits to Ugandans who recognised this flaw early enough and took it upon themselves to translate movies and live English football matches from English to local languages.

That is no mean feat. While the elite in you looks down upon translated movies and football punditry have it in mind that there’s a Ugandan extending foreign products the common man in a remote part of this country where English comprehension is nearly impossible.

Plaudits to the men and women translating entertainment from its original foreign language to local Ugandan dialects. You’re true heroes in your own respect.

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