Obote II Regime

Following the 1980 elections, Obote became President of Uganda for the second time. The country was once again plunged into political and economic chaos. Extra-judicial killings became the order of the day as Obote failed to control the army (UNLA), which took the law into its own hands in its fight against the NRA guerillas.
As the struggle between UNLA and the NRA intensified, places like Room 211 at the Nile Hotel, Katikamu, Kireka and any military barracks, became killing centers.

Kaaya’s farm near River Lugogo in Luwero, became a dumping ground for victims of the conflict. Obote was deposed in 1985 by elements of his own army led by General Tito Okello Lutwa and Brigadier Bazillio Okello.

They continued the trend of extra-judicial killings and there was no protection of property or even the right to life. By the time the dictatorship was overthrown in 1986 some of the human remains arising out of the killings were buried in mass graves in Luweero Triangle. Altogether about 70,000 skeletons were buried.