The history of Uganda comprises the history of the territory of present-day Uganda in East Africa and the peoples inhabiting the region.

Political History of Uganda:

The political history of Uganda is long and complex. From the “Cradle of Civilization” to present date, Uganda’s history has been both varied and fascinating. This section attempts to give a chronological account of Uganda’s political history.

Uganda’s History Timeline

Historical Facts
Colonial Era
Early Missionaries
Road to Independence
Power and Politics in Uganda

Important Personalities

Sir. Edward Muteesa
Sir Edward Muteesa II, was the 32nd King of Buganda and ruled from 1956 till he was exiled by Milton Obote in 1966 to Britain where he passed away. (More…)

Arrival of Speke at Jinja
By the time the British explorers, John Speke and James Grant arrived at Jinja in 1862 to discover the source of River Nile, Busoga region was not under one organized government. (More…)

Mzee Ignatius Musaazi
Although there are many figures in Uganda’s history that must be mentioned, Ignatius Musazi stands out as the first black African to denounce the colonial rule in Uganda. (More…)