National Parks

There are 10 national parks that protect incredible flora and fauna in Uganda.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Also known as the most populated mountain gorilla home in the world, Bwindi forest is a stunning series of hilly thick forest vegetation in western Uganda. The park becomes a world heritage site back then   which is why its attractions are great. The park holds a lot of cultural significance of the Batwa people, different bird species, mammals ,butterflies etc that are well conserved for future benefits. Bwindi its self has four sectors, all with different gorilla families for tourists .No matter where you do the trek from the experience of all gorilla trekking tourists is the same. Seeing mountain gorillas is a must in a single trek provided you reserve your gorilla permits a few months before the trek. Bwindi forest National Park is Uganda’s top tourist attraction and the reason for many safaris in Uganda. There is a saying that “A trip to Uganda without gorilla trekking is incomplete”, so visiting Bwindi forest should be one of your travel agenda to the Pearl of Africa.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The dramatic and striking wildlife park in western Uganda in Kasese district just at the foot hills of Mountain Rwenzori. Surrounded by impressive attractions and beautiful views Queen Elizabeth National Park is your place to be for fantastic wildlife viewing, bird watching, boat ride, chimpanzee trekking, cultural exposure and much more. Catching up with eye catching views of the Kazinga channel with a concentration of hippos and crocodiles, birds, plus locals is a great experience to enjoy in the afternoon. The park is best for evening sunset views, biking and nature walks including the exploration of the bat cave. You need one to 2 days to discover this beautiful and most visited Uganda national park. I highly recommend traveling to Uganda sooner than later and visit the unspoilt attractions and enjoy everything in this beautiful country.

Kibale Forest National Park

There is really much to see here in terms of primates and scenery and the park has always been a first thought of destination for all travelers seeking to track chimps as well as other primate species. Much call the park a chimpanzee playing capital second to none in Africa and every chimpanzee safari tour to the park is incredible. Be among the few to habituate the chimps on a day chimp habituation program or view chimps and spend a full good hour in their presence in photography and observation. If you trip to Uganda is has a part of seeing chimpanzees, Kibale forest should be definitely your safari destination.

Bwindi Forest National Park

Once your interest for visiting Uganda is to see mountain gorillas, it will be very hard to miss out a trip to Bwindi Forest National Park famously known as the most populated gorilla safari destination in Africa. Tracking endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest is one of the most cherished tour adventures in Uganda and something done by 90% of all visitors to the country. Trekking gorillas is a year round activity no matter when you chose to explore the country. Within Bwindi forest there is much more to see and experience beyond mountain gorillas including bird watching, cultural interactions, community walks, waterfall hikes, biking among others.