Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is a leisure island in western Uganda that still holds the true natural beauty despite the increasing demand of tourism and development. The locals are very welcoming, the islands are too beautiful full of incredible views and history behind most Lake Islands put a smile on every visitors face. The boat ride gives detail of every island and its something that every visitor to the island does. Swimming is another exciting one on a hot afternoon and cool off the body temperature in the lake bilihazia free waters. For bird watchers the Island is paradise because it’s a home to variety and it’s another perfect place for bird watching safaris in Uganda. Also moving out of your comfort lodge area for a hiking tour will give more incredible views of the entire Lake, islands and also give you a chance to mix up with locals who live around the island. You can also decide to chill at your lodge of residence in on a free morning or afternoon and sunbath as you feed your eyes with lovely islands.