Queen Elizabeth National Park


The boat trip in Queen Elizabeth National park is done on the impressive Kazinga Channel a 40 km water long natural channel that links Lake Edward with Lake George. Normally the boat sets off every day at 09:00 am in the morning and at 2:00pm in the afternoon. The boat cruise may take from 2- 3 hours to explore the waters and wildlife along the shores of the Kazinga channel, with the help of professional guides providing there services to tourists like pointing out any wildlife which you may have failed to notice and giving further information regard the park. It also offers great chances to take pictures since the boat sails slowly just by the shores of the channel. There are big numbers of hippos on the channel in the whole of Africa as they put their bodies at the bottom of the water in which they stay since they don’t swim. They normally stay under water just as you will notice in the Kazinga channel simply to safe guard their sensitive skin. If you take a night time cruise on the channel you will actually discover that there are few hippos and most of them will be grazing on land.

During the afternoon boat ride, you can spot large herds of Elephants, Buffalos and Predators as well as nocturnal animals that normally come to the shores in the evening to drink water. On top of all, a large number of Antelopes like waterbuck as well as the Uganda Kob come also to quench their thirst. Therefore a launch cruise on the Kazinga channel is an activity that one should not dare intend to miss out while on a safari trip in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The Game drive activity involves the tourists to drive through the park while viewing animals. The park has got over 200km of well-maintained game tracks. The best time for game drives is in the morning where there are high chances to enjoy seeing elephants, buffalos, lions, Antelopes and other wild life.

More so, guided nature walks are carried out led by well-trained guides as they provide good services to the visitors by giving them first-hand information.