Uganda has a fairly conservative Christian/Muslim based society. It is generally not considered acceptable for women to wear skimpy clothing or to have overt displays of sexuality. The only exception is in certain night life situations in Kampala. Most Ugandans go to church / mosque regularly and consider religion an important part of a moral society. Never criticize religion in presence of a Ugandan!

You will not be taken seriously if you wear shorts outside the obvious tourist destinations and most Ugandan adults would never wear shorts except if playing sport. Use a pair of light trousers to blend in better. Most women wear skirts in rural areas, but trousers are acceptable in cities and larger towns.

A handshake is the most common form of greeting. If your hands are wet or dirty you may offer your wrist instead of hand. Don’t be surprised if you see two men holding hands. This is not a sign of homosexuality which is forbidden by law and is indeed punishable, but rather of friendship. Safety and Security are often on the minds of visitors to Uganda, the reality is that Uganda does not have mass killings, drive-by shootings, terrorist attacks as some countries in the West have had.

Whether it is Mountain Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, fishing for the giant Nile Perch or climbing the fabled “Mountains of the Moon” -Rwenzori Mountains, seeing the tree climbing Lions, Water rafting, then there is no superior destination!
It is very unique with 18% of the landmass covered by freshwater in the form of vast lakes, the ubiquitous papyrus swamps and permanent rivers.
The Great Rift Valley of East Africa carves its way through the western reaches of Uganda forming spectacular vistas. The massive equatorial rainforests of the neighbouring Congo sweep into Uganda and the confluence of these varied habitats are exemplified in the diversity of both fauna and avi-fauna, incomparable to anywhere else in Africa.

The mighty River Nile commences its long journey to the sea from the largest African Lake, Victoria, and thunders its way through a 6 metre chasm at Murchison Falls National Park.
Uganda, “The pearl of Africa”!