Travel Documents

Travel documents enable you to go from one country to another. Travelling to Uganda, you need the following travel documents for security purposes:-
All tourists to Uganda are kindly requested to comply with some requirements before they can get a visa to Uganda. Every traveler must have a valid passport of nationality or origin issued by their Government. It’s safer to have the International Inoculation Certificate against yellow fever. You may also be asked to show your return ticket. This passport should be valid for 6 months to the expiry date. The passport should have a valid visa to be stamped in it.

Another travel document you would need is an Emergency Travel Certificate. This applies only to Ugandans who have lost their passports due to one reason or another. If you have lost your passport, you can apply for an Emergency Travel Certificate from Uganda High Commission in Pretoria at a cost payable to the bank account of Uganda High Commission.

Temporary Movement Permits are recognized travel documents intended to ease the cross border movement of border communities. TMPs may be obtained at all ports of Entry and Exit in Uganda. Requirements for TMPS are Letter from Local Council 1, Two passport size photographs taken against white back ground, Copy of valid Identification documents and Pay a fee of UGX 10,000/=Uganda Shillings.

Certificates of identity are issued to Ugandans and non Ugandans who cannot readily access Travel documents in emergency situations.