Chimpanzee Tracking

Would you like to meet the fascinating chimpanzees in their natural home? Why not opt for a chimpanzee safari in Uganda? Uganda is one of the best destinatons wherr traveldrs can easily see chimpanzees in the wild. With several tropical rain forests, Uganda hosts an incredible population of these great apes! Kibale has been dubbed as the Primates Capital of the world and there are several forests that protect these great apes.

Here are the different places where you can track chimpanzees and other primates at a affordable rates.

Kalinzu Forest Reserve of Queen Elizabeth Elizabeth National Park

Kalinzu has offered incredible chimpanzee trekking safari experience to various visitors in Uganda and many combine the experience with gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest National Park. The three hour chimpanzee trek is done twice a day, both in the morning and afternoon hours. However, would recommend morning treks when chimps have just wake up and are still around close hence making it easy for trackers to find them. Just like gorilla trekking, tourists spend a full hour with chimpanzees in observation and photography a moment that everyone loves most about the entire trek. The forest has variety of other chimpanzee species and forest habitants that will come your way as your search for the chimpanzees. All tourists a companied by ranger guides who know where the chimpanzees could be by the time you start the trek.

Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Kyambura gorge is a chimpanzee forest reserve with in Queen Elizabeth National Park but one of the most interesting spots to track chimpanzees and other primates on any safari in Uganda. The ride to the gorge and back is another opportunity of viewing some park wildlife species hence getting a chance to see what you may have missed during your park game viewing experience. The gorge is a home to variety of primates which make your trek more fun and amazing. All chimpanzee treks start with a morning briefing from the park rangers followed by the search for the first moving primates. All forest walks are led by rangers ensuring the travelers safety and great experience.

Budongo Forest Reserve

Tracking chimpanzees in Budongo forest is one of the most dramatic tour activities that happens last for all safaris to Murchison falls National Park. This is because its only wonderful memories that are carried home by tourists on addition to wildlife viewing, boat cruise, hike to the top of the falls, bird watching and much more. Besides, chimpanzee trekking tours in Budogo forest reserve are highlights to all Uganda wildlife safaris to Murchison falls National Park. Track chimps in Budongo and return home with not only fresh memories but also great time celebrations of the chimp’s beauty, nature and lifestyle.