In the late 1980s, most manufacturing industries relied on agricultural products for raw materials and machinery, and as a result, the problems plaguing the agriculture sector hampered both production and marketing in manufacturing. Processing cotton, coffee, sugar, and food crops were major industries, but Uganda also produced textiles, tobacco, beverages, wood and paper products, construction materials, and chemicals.

In the late 1980s, the government began to return some nationalized manufacturing firms to the private sector in order to encourage private investment. The primary aim was to promote self-sufficiency in consumer goods and strengthen linkages between agriculture and industry.

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Yarning in Uganda
In the 1950s, cotton was the second most important traditional cash crop in Uganda, contributing 25 percent of total agricultural exports. (More…)

Mukwano Group
Mukwano Group is one of the leading manufaturing companies in Uganda.
The company manufactures soap, cooking oil, detergents, sweets and other oils. (More…)

Cutting Sugar Cane
Uganda’s once substantial sugar industry, which had produced 152,000 tons in 1968, almost collapsed by the early 1980s. (More…)