Game Reserves

Uganda has several gazetted game reserves.


Located along the banks of The Albert Nile, Ajai and East Madi Wildlife Reserves are perfect stopovers to break the journey between the North East and North Western wildlife corridors for nature enthusiasts. Sport hunting opportunities exist in Ajai Wildlife Reserve under the Uganda Wildlife Authority’s policy of extractive utilization of wildlife on public and private sector partnership arrangements. Currently Ajai has only one tented camping facility. In contrast to the marauding populations of Northern White and Black Rhino species that existed in Uganda at the turn of the 19th Century, Ajai‘s Rhino population took a toll for the worse leading up to their extinction in the early 80’s. The reserve had played host to famous 20th Century statesmen including American President Theodore Rossevelt in 1909 also inspiring the words of the then colonial secretary Winston Churchill who wrote of the Country after visiting in 1907 in his book ‘MY AFRICAN JOURNEY ,’ My journey is at an end , the tale has been told. The reader who has followed so faithfully and so far has a right to ask what message I bring back. It can be stated in three words’ CONCENTRATE ON UGANDA ’. The authorities have since taken the hint with real prospects for the re-introduction of the Rhino in collaboration with Rhino Fund Uganda which should go along way in reviving investment in the region. Together with East Madi Wildlife reserve currently managed by a concessionaire, these attractions offer ideal getaways. Further north is the potential to develop other attractions including Lipan in Kitgum district, Palabek Ogili in Lamwo district and Lomunga in Moyo district. Most of these habitats were traditional hunting grounds and now communities and local governments are receptive to harnessing their tourism potential. There is also a large concentration of colobus monkeys and bird species in the Atiak forest reserve near the Albert Nile .

Other  details on Non gazetted Wildlife Areas:

Ajai Wildlife Reserve has 120 recorded bird species including Pel’s Fishing Owl ,  Shoebill ,White –Crested Turaco , Red Throated Bee-Eater, Black breasted Barbet and White Cheeked Olive back.

The reintroductiob of the White Rhino is in plan by Uganda Wildlife Authority as well as buffalo, hartebeest and plains Zebra.

East Madi Wildlife Reserve  boasts flora and Fauna similar to Murchison Falls National Park.The reserve is also along the elephant corridor.

Otzi Forest Reserve contains impressive biodiversity including seven tree species 3 butterfly and endemic mammals.Agoro Agu Central Forest Reserve hosts bamboo forest ,insect and birdlife .

 Lomunga  which 18400 ha. was also formerly home to the Northern White Rhino in the 60’s  has several bird species and wildlife .

Lipan Controlled Hunting   area covering 89,856 hectares   around   Kitgum – Sudan border is  a  critical habitat around Kidepo Valley and Agoro Agu landscapes.

Areas such as Aswa Lolim   formerly Game Reserve area and Lipan controlled hunting area are also closely linked to Murchison Falls.

Karenga Community Wildlife Area  just outside Kidepo Valley National Park is also  a migratory route for wildlife  and also boasts of magnificent scenery surrounding Nyangea ,Napore and Rom Mountain Ranges.

Ome and Apa hunting Corridors were originally part of Aswa Lolim Game Reserve around Kilak Community Hunting Area. They lie  along the East bank of  Albert Nile on rolling hills dissected by several rivers such as Aswa and Lolim , from where the former game Reserve derived its name. This area provides critical connectivity for wildlife between Murchison Falls national Park and East Madi Wildlife Reserve.