Ugandan Web is a new interactive community website, primarily with user driven Uganda, but also with other East Africa and Africa related content.

  • Have you got photos or video clips you have made that promote your community or some aspect of your country?
  • Have you visited some place as a foreign or local tourist and want to share what you saw there?
  • Do you have a proverb from your tribe or elsewhere or interesting traditional stories from your community?
  • Do you know that lots of the like are being forever lost as old folks in our communities who themselves received them through oral tradition pass on, just because no one has bothered to write them down?
  • Ever thought of writing an interesting short story in an African setting, past or present and sharing it with others?
  • Are you good at cooking traditional dishes? Do you have a tried recipe of “sukuma wiki”, “ugali/posho”, chapati, “katogo”, ever made some tasty salad with locally available ingredients or have a replicable recipe of “mandazi” that you want to share? Do you know that not everyone who wants to cook but cannot, can do so given a small push by you? Yes, here we really mean recipes that are original and not those copied and pasted from somewhere else on the web, as that is illegal. That applies to other content as mentioned in our Terms and conditions of use

If the answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, the Ugandan Web is the place for you!

In addition to that, we have news and other interesting information from different selected sources. You can read and if registered, submit and share content in various forms, be it as forum topics, stories, food recipes, proverbs or simply comment on existing ones. One can chat, play online games, meet and make friends and do lots more.

Ugandan Web ultimately wants to contribute to preserving and promoting Africa and its culture.

What can you do? Register and participate, start a new or contribute to existing forum topics, tell your friends about it, invite them, share the link on Facebook, twitter or other Social Networking sites,

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